Risk Analysis

It is increasingly clear that prior to embarking on a new business venture or when faced with planning around an existing one, it is essential to incorporate into all planning a detailed risk analysis review. ITS, in conjunction with its consultants and international associate network, offers a specifically targeted risk analysis service, tailored to meet each client's specialised requirements.

ITS`s unique access to inside information through its local and international networks complements the above, providing a deeper insight into issues of critical importance to its clients. ITS has been commissioned to undertake numerous research tasks and investigations which have a major strategic impact on clients’ operations in different countries. Such studies range from relatively straight-forward analyses of key decision-makers in labour and government, to extensive threat analysis studies for entire industries in geographically distinct categories across a country. In this way, excessive red tape and other obstacles are largely avoided, allowing for correct strategic management decisions in often uncertain political and security environments.

Exclusive Briefings

In addition to its integrated risk analysis service, ITS offers clients the option of specialist briefings, ideal either for executives entering into foreign business deals, or for principals, clients or investors who require briefings on specific aspects of business or investment opportunities.


ITS regularly organises conferences, workshops and lectures on its key spheres of activity. Activities can also take place in cooperation with other partners, e.g. the European Academy for Culture and Social Issues, Offenberg Castle (, the Munich University's "School for Higher Political Studies" (HfP).  ITS offers its clients a sophisticated and intellectually stimulating environment to discuss their management and decision-making problems.